Are watches a good investment?

Are watches a good investment?

This is a question I get asked all the time and even though Stock watches make quality affordable watches, I'm not oblivious to the high end watch world. 

The one brand that everyone knows and aspires to, Rolex, has seen the below increases and decreases over a 7 year period according to  

Last year -8.4%
last 2 years -24.2%
Last 3 years -10.1%
Last 5 years +28.3%
Last 7 years+79.3%

As seen in the numbers, the long term value is often better than short term gain, though this is an average and can't be applied across all brands. Generally the watch market boomed during and immediately after 2020, but has not recovered to previous highs yet. 

Overall the watch market for high end watches will continue to increase with limited editions and scarcity being used to inflate prices, though the market is not immune to the conditions in the economy. If you're considering watches as an investment, it's essential to research thoroughly, understand the market dynamics, and consider consulting with experts in the field. A watch can be a good investment, though your knowledge will test how good of an investment it is. 

If you plan on wearing the watch daily, consider purchasing something that you're less concerned with getting a scratch on and don't think of it as an investment to make money on, but an investment in your style. Your taste will grow and evolve over time and with every watch telling a story so specific to you, you'll appreciate it more. 

So are watches a good investment? Yes, they are valuable to the person wearing it and the story that comes with it. If you're looking to flip watches and make money, this will require more capital and being very careful about the ways you start. You can follow along on my watch collecting journey on instagram as I share the story behind the pieces I have picked up over the years.

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