Watch Size Guide

Watch Size Guide

When choosing a watch there are a few size factors to consider:

1. Diameter of the watch
2. Thickness of the watch
3. Type of strap 
4. Functionality

The first factor you'll want to know is; What is the size of my wrist? By knowing your wrist size, you can determine if the strap will fit around your wrist along with if the watch will sit flat or 'hang' off the side. 

This general guide could be used: 
Wrist size of 6 - 7 inches will suit a 28mm - 36mm watch with ease like this. 
Wrist size of 7-8 inches will suit a 36mm - 40mm watch like this.
Wrist size above 8 inches will suit larger watches 40mm and above. 

While these are general guides, it really does come down to your preference.
100 year ago watches were all small at around 32mm and watches are trending back towards smaller classic sizes.

The thickness is a matter of preference, though all our watches are below 8mm ensuring that they fit under your cuff. 

If you're living in a warmer climate, sometimes a steel strap is a better option, as sweat will degrade the leather faster. While the straps are made to be worn against your skin, there are many environmental factors that will affect the longevity of the straps. 

Lastly, the function of your watch is primarily to tell the time. It also needs to suit your style. By having something that is simple with three hands, it will fit in with any clothing you have. 

All our watches are mens watches and womens watches. In other words, they are unisex. That is often the case with all watches however. It comes down to your taste.

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